Robot Lifeguard to the Rescue! (2 pics)

The Robot Lifeguard To The Rescue, Her Name Is Emily

Created by Hydronalix, the robot's final version is intended to be an autonomously-working machine that scans for signs of trouble using sonar, then swims directly to the party in danger. From there, the drowning person can hang on to it as a flotation device, until human help comes or it can take the person directly to shore.

That's a good thing, because the robots will probably be taking over. And it all starts with EMILY, an autonomous robot lifeguard that can streak towards a drowning swimmer faster than any beach attendant.

In its current form patrolling Zuma Beach in Malibu, however, EMILY is only operated remotely from the shore. Since it can run at 28mph, it makes a great first respondent to folks marooned far into the water, since we doubt even David Hasselholf, with all his testosterone and chest hair, can make it close to that speed.

Rather than a replacement for lifeguards, they're currently looking at EMILY as a very useful rescue equipment. Armed with a camera, mic and speakers, lifeguards on the shore can communicate with the persons being saved, giving them instructions and calming them down.

So, Would You Rather A Human or Robot To Save You?

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