Clever Minimalist Posters of Classic Disney Films

Fairytales don't generally offer much room for interpretation. For the most part, the story involves good triumphing over evil and everyone living happily ever after. However, Liverpool-based designer Rowan Stocks-Moore decided to jazz things up a bit. In this eleven poster series, he captures the essence of Classic Disney films while also offering the viewer plenty of surprises.

We've seen this minimalist style before in posters of Pixar movies and superheroes, but Stocks-Moore takes it one step further. He utilizes the negative space and silhouetted features to create optical illusions. Many of his posters offer more than first meets the eye.

Admittedly, I initially only saw the faces in the Snow White poster. It took me a good ten minutes to notice the apple core! Stocks-Moore describes himself as having, "a passion for book and film covers, as well as a love for design in general!" He certainly proves that statement true in these captivating and original designs.

Rowan Stocks Moore on Tumblr
Rowan Stocks Moore on Etsy
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January 22, 2017

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