Spectacular Rubik’s Cube Portrait of a Man Disintegrating

First spotted at Morris Museum’s new show, “Toying with Art,” this incredibly intriguing portrait made out of Rubik’s Cubes was also submitted as an entry into CubeWork’s art contest this past September. It shows a man in anguish, holding his hands to his head and looking down. The lower half of his body seems like it’s disintegrating into Rubik’s cubes. Gripping, to say the least.

Though we’d like to give the artist credit, we’re not sure who the person is behind this piece. If you know, please share this information with us in the comment’s section.

You can see this portrait plus over 40 more works of art made out of toys like LEGOs, toy soldiers, and crayons at “Toying with Art” from now through March 17 at Morris Museum in New Jersey. The fun exhibit, which opened just yesterday, explores the icons of childhood as artistic mediums.

Morris Museum website

December 7, 2016

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