Artist Uses Soggy, Stained Tea Bags as Canvas for Detailed Daily Art

At the beginning of this year, visual artist and graphic designer Ruby Silvious embarked on a quirky, personal experiment, set to last for 363 days. She decided to repurpose soggy and stained tea bags as unconventional, blank canvases, just waiting to be filled with her artistic expression. The project, entitled 363 Days of Tea, allows Silvious to challenge herself by transforming the recycled material with her intricate illustrations–the artist draws, paints, and forms collages on the salvaged tea bags.

This project serves as Silvious' daily journal, allowing her to record her thoughts and feelings by creating wonderful moody and whimsical designs on little teabag papers. Every day she creates a new piece that reflects her impressions in that moment. Currently based in New York, Silvious' work has been exhibited internationally and she has received awards and recognition for her talents in paper work, print making and now her most recent endeavour of re-purposing recycled and found materials.

So far, Silvious is about two-thirds of the way into her daily project. You can follow her progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Ruby Silvious: Website | Facebook | Instagram
via [Artists Inspire Artists]

January 21, 2017

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January 20, 2017

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