Rushmore-like Sand Sculpture of Republican Candidates

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman withdrew from the Republican presidential race today but not before five artists from Team Sandtastic created this massive 525-ton sand sculpture of the GOP candidates at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Mount Rushmore-like artwork features Huntman’s likeness alongside the faces of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Built from locally mined sand, the sculpture took six days to build (which included one rain out) and, impressively, stands 80 feet wide by 17 feet tall.

The massive sculpture can be found across the street from the convention center where tonight’s debate will be held. When asked how long these sculptures usually stay up, Mark Mason from Team Sandtastic told us this, “Ones like this are made for a singular moment, today’s debate. Client usually leave them up for ‘as long as they look good’ or until they don’t want the liability of securing it from folks climbing on it. They can last for quite some time. In an indoor situation (like a shopping mall or convention center) indefinitely.”

Team Sandtastic website
Photos via Team Sandtastic

December 4, 2016

Adventure Photographer Swims With Millions of Jellyfish

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December 3, 2016

Adventurous Photographer Treks to Remote Buddhist Village Before It Disappears

If you’re unfamiliar with Larung Gar, it may be because the small, remote town located in a far-flung corner of China has largely stayed out of the tourism spotlight. It is, however, a cultural and historical Tibetan treasure that has been undergoing tremendous changes in the past few decades, particularly in the midst of global controversy between Tibet and China.

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