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Twisting Wire to Create Cute Animal Sculptures

Many jewelry makers use wire to craft their embellished accessories but designer Ruth Jensen extends the malleable material's use beyond necklaces and bracelets. She uses wire to create her carefully constructed enchanting animal sculptures. From birds and bunnies to cats and foxes, each figure presents a creature found in nature with a brilliant twisting pattern. It's hard to believe, but Jensen constructs each piece simply through her twisting scheme. There is no soldering or gluing involved!

The Minnesota-based wire sculptor's craftily assembled sculptures present animals we're all familiar with in a new, somewhat abstract form. With her chosen medium, Jensen produces three-dimensional wire sculptures that are both there and not there. She says, “Your eyes have to solve a puzzle to see it!”

Jensen's sculptures, along with her jewelry can be purchased directly through her Etsy shop called Sparkflight.

Sparkflight on Etsy
Ruth Jensen on Flickr

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