South Korea’s Award-Winning Endangered Species Research Center

Seoul, Korea-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) recently proposed a design for the National Research Center for Endangered Species that will be constructed in Yeongyang-gun, one of the cleanest environmental areas in Korea. In the winning design, the firm proposed a three-part structure that will blend harmoniously within the surrounding environment while functioning as a central point for research regarding rare plants and animals in the country.

The center features three main sections: The Core Zone hosts the visitors’ area, offices, and a quarantine space. The Refresh Zone will contain guest houses and housing for the researchers. And, finally, the main Research Zone is a modular design that will house a combination of indoor/outdoor breeding farms and research facilities, and can be expanded upon as research grows and more space is required.

Samoo Architects & Engineers website
via [Inhabitat]

January 19, 2017

Adorable Red Panda Cub Can’t Stop Hugging Toy That Looks Just Like Her

As if Maiya—a recovering red panda cub living at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia—wasn’t already completely adorable, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 2-month-old has recently been photographed with a cuddly new companion: a same-species stuffed animal. In November, Amala, a beloved red panda at the zoo, gave birth to Maiya. At first, the little one was happy and healthy. Not long ago, however, she was traumatically injured while being carried in her mother’s mouth.

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