Sea Shepherd’s Badass New Boat

Last year the Sea Shepherd crew were outdone by the Japanese whalers who upgraded their defenses with netting that covered the whole ship, powerful water cannons and a noise weapon. For the first time the Sea Shepherd’s were helpless as whales were harpooned right in front of them. Well Paul Watson is not a man to sit back and take his hits. The Sea Shepherd’s have now added a sleek, record holding powerboat with radar deflecting paint to their fleet. The Earthrace can do 40 knots and dive completely under oncoming waves. The 78 foot trimaran will be used to intercept whaling ships and block harpoons. The Steve Irwin has also been upgraded with a reinforced hull and powerful water cannon. The third season of Whale Wars can’t come fast enough!

December 9, 2016

Magical Photos of Moscow Covered in Christmas Lights and Snow

Although Russian winters are famously freezing, Moscow-based photographer Kristina Makeeva believes that the most wonderful time of the year to visit the buzzing capital city is the holiday season. In true Christmas spirit, she often braves the cold to capture snowy shots of its sparkling decorations, festive fireworks, and holly jolly animal friends.

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December 8, 2016

Ingenious Masking Tape Transforms Any Blank Notebook Into a Calendar

Looking to transform your notebook into something more organized or create the perfect bullet journal calendar? Japanese stationery store icco nico has created an easy, ingenious masking tape that’s up to the task. Using two rolls of washi tape, one for numbers and one for days of the week (in Japanese), it takes seconds to whip up a customizable calendar on an empty piece of paper.

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