Colorblind Photographer Captures Magical Lava Flows

Photographer Sean King captures the beautiful glow of lava-flowing volcanoes against the starry night sky in Hawaii. Despite being colorblind and facing temperatures of up to 2,000F, the determined and dedicated photographer manages to produce awe-inspiring images that boast the fiery radiance of molten rock gushing and streaming down the natural landscape.

It’s unbelievable to think that King has only just recently picked up a camera. He used to be a carpenter in Long Island until he and his wife decided to move away from the noise and littered streets to the tropical Hawaiian town of Pahoa, where he is currently based. King has been thrust into the world of photography on a whim, or as he puts it: “100% by accident.” Seeking to simply take some snapshots of the beautiful landscape to send back to friends, the photographer embarked on a magnificent path that has made him fall in love with both photography and the volcanoes he shoots.

Sean King on Flickr
via [PetaPixel]

January 21, 2017

Fluttering Paper Birds Intricately Cut From Old Maps and Atlases

With vintage maps and aged atlases as her guides, London-based artist Claire Brewster crafts airy and ethereal avian cut-outs. Her colorful collection of paper birds play with negative space and silhouettes to illustrate the elegant aesthetic of birds in flight. Each figure features intricately carved feathers that appear to delicately flutter. With extended wings and alternating positions, the birds demonstrate the unique gestures of flying birds.

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January 20, 2017

Quirky Knit Gloves Reveal Unexpected Images When Placed Together

Istanbul-based Etsy shop Talking Gloves creates quirky knits with a picture-perfect twist. When placed side-by-side, the palms of each pair of cute gloves unexpectedly forms a single picture, putting a cozy and contemporary spin on the age-old diptych. Each pair of crafty gloves features two stitched designs: one on the left glove, and one on the right.

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