Funny Portraits of Dogs Dressed Like Humans

Graphic designer-turned-photographer Sebastian Magnani combines man and his best four-legged friend for a collection of whimsical portraits in his series titled Underdogs. Using the head and fluffy fur of a dog cloaked in human clothing, each portrait that Magnani creates features its own personality while putting a smile on the viewer's face. Some of the photographer's canine subjects even have accessories like sunglasses or hats to go on top of their full and luscious manes, heightening the resemblance between man and his dog and making the image all the more hilarious.

The Berne, Switzerland-based photographer first embarked on this fun project in 2009 with no expectation beyond entertaining himself and any viewers that may come across the playful portraits. Since its inception, the series has reached all across he world. With Part 1 and Part 2 of the project currently released, Magnani promises a Part 3 to follow sometime in the near future.

If you like half-animal, half-human portraits, you can also check out Yago Partal's Zoo Portraits.

Sebastian Magnani website and Facebook page
via [ghost in the shell]

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