Complex Geometric String Installations Created by Hand

French artist and designer Sebastien Preschoux creates thread sculptures and ink drawings that are so complicated that they appear to be computer generated. However, the artist chooses to create the geometric designs with his hands, allowing for imperfections through this technical creative performance. He says, "With a computer you can make everything fast-paced and very flattering, everyone can fake it, so what's the point? Nothing personal, nothing unique."

Mimicking the intricate drawings of a Spirograph, Preschoux spontaneously builds these 3D life-sized thread installations against backgrounds that are otherwise very simple. He moves from end to end, crossing and weaving threads together until the final product emerges. Dynamic lighting adds to each installations, and each piece is captured by photographer friend Ludovic Le Couster.

Additionally, Preschoux forms these 2D complex mathematical drawings by hand, using just technical pens, a compass, and ink. When speaking about the unpredictability of creating his work, Preschoux says, "It is so pleasant to have the surprise of the result, to feel that things can escape you and take an unexpected direction. The important thing is to have a tactile relationship with the material, to be able to dread the qualities and the defects."

Sebastien Preschoux's website
Ludovic Le Couster's website
via [Designboom]

January 21, 2017

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