Selection of Comic Book Covers 2009

The people at Complex have a “Best Of The 2000s series“. The goal was to find out what were the hottest the past decade in….everything. One of the series was about the best comic book covers of 2009. I was happy to see that JOCK made it to that list. He's my fave. When it comes to covers he never fails. So I put his cover on top of this post.Biased…but not without reason. I mean look at that cover…The black makes it gritty, the red cuts sharply through the black, silhouettes hanging down from that eerie looking tree, on top of those gigantic teeth! with the Scalped title in between. The mood is dark dangerous and dramatic. Go JOCK!The others I chose because these simply were the ones I would've bought instantly without necessarily knowing what the hell the story is about. That, to me, is a good a cover. The cover is a story all on its own. If its done well it catches my eye and sparks my interest at a mere glance.You might have a whole other set of favorites. To browse more comic book covers and find out what the covers really are about… Click here !

by Guillem March

by Jason Pearson

by Nic Klein

by Paolo Rivera

by Rian Hughes & Salvador La Rocca

by Yuko Shimizu

by Dave Johnson

by Boo Cook

by Jae LeeI hyper linked the names of the artists just in case you want to know more about them. Some of them sadly don't really have a website of their own. But some of the links lead to really great websites!

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