Columns of Suspended Charcoal Explore Relationship Between Nature and Man

Seoul-based artist Seon Ghi Bahk is back with the latest works in his An aggregation series, consisting of delicate charcoal installations that hang from nylon threads to form a variety of representational and abstract shapes. The suspended pieces dangle in exact formations, constructing tall columns, dense orbs, and abstract droplets in various states of completion.

Bahk’s work explores the complex relationship between nature and mankind. He uses charcoal, a natural substance created from the burning of trees, to recreate architectural forms that humans use for shelter. According to the artist, it is common in Western culture to disregard nature and see it only as a tool that we use to establish human civilizations. Through these installations, Bahk asserts that this way of thinking is pure fiction. Similar to how his airy representations of architectural columns are possible only due to the charcoal that formed from organic geological processes, the development of human culture is impossible without nature.

This thought-provoking exhibition, titled Fiction of the Fabricated Image, will be on display at the Zadok Gallery in Miami until August 25.

Seon Ghi Bakh on Zadok Gallery
Seon Ghi Bakh on artnet
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December 6, 2016

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December 5, 2016

Sweden’s Iconic ICEHOTEL Is Now Open 365 Days a Year

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