Sleek Glass-Bottomed Lamp Allows You to Plant Your Own Terrarium in the Base

Stephanie Hare of SHare Studios reimagines the ordinary table lamp with her collection of glass-bottomed lighting. The striking minimalist designs feature a handmade paper lampshade that's perched on top of a glass base with a rope cord situated between the shade and the glass. This relatively simple decision of cord placement has a great impact on the rest of the lamp–it leaves the base empty and allows you to fill it with whatever you like.

Hare offers suggestions for how to accentuate the glass vessel, one of which is a terrarium. The wide, clear vase lends itself well to this, and the vibrancy of the green plants with its deep brown soil create an eye-catching juxtaposition to Hare's clean and modern design aesthetic. If this feels too maximalist, however, the designer also showcases the stunning drama that comes with a single flower placed inside the clear container.

Hare sells lamps, in various shapes and sizes, through her Etsy shop.

SHare Studios: Etsy | Facebook
via [So Super Awesome]

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