Urban-Dwelling Home Features Moveable Rooms Controlled by a Button

Of all the things in life that come with instructions, a building usually isn't one of them. The Sharifi-Ha house in Tehran does, though, and it combines beautiful, modern design with innovative space-saving rooms that are controlled by the push of a button. Iranian architects at nextoffice created a series of semi-mobile areas that can be rotated in order to provide extra space and more sunlight.

The urban three-storey house is based on a fixed main volume of the structure with movable areas present on each floor. It's a great solution for the noticeably narrow and long plot that Sharifi-Ha sits on; the architects took advantage of this and treated the faade as a three-dimensional element rather than a conventional two dimensional surface. Rooms can either be aligned flush with the main volume or rotated perpendicular to it.

Having this adaptable space gives inhabitants the opportunity to customize it based on their needs. A home office or breakfast room can transform its appearance depending on the time of year and occasion. There's always the possibility of having different seasonal or lighting scenarios, meaning residents have even more say in its functionality and decor.

nextoffice website
via [Inhabitat and Core77]

January 19, 2017

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