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White Room Bursts to Life with Dreamy Flower Patterns

Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki transforms an ordinary room into a flowery dream. Using pigments, felt, nonflammable cloth, fluorescent lights, and acrylic cases, Ohmaki incorporates traditional flower patterns to otherwise empty spaces. The vibrant spectrum of colors create a fun and welcoming environment.

The floor and wall installation, which has been shown several times over in different exhibition spaces, is an interactive piece. Being that it uses mineral pigments, the colors run and bleed onto the carpet through interaction, exposing blurred visuals with time. It's an interesting concept to show a floor's weathered history in such a lighthearted and colorful manner.

The various installations in the series, known as Echoes-Infinity, each generally feature a multihued color scheme against a blank white backdrop which reminds me of Yayoi Kusama's interactive children's installation. Like Kusama's work, Ohmaki's series provides an ideal venue for playful children. The colors keep a jovial mood and the interactivity heightens the experience.

Shinji Ohmaki website
via [faith is torment]

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