20,000 LED Lights Illuminate Japanese Rice Paddies

Japan's agriculturally significant Shiroyone Senmaida terraced rice fields offer a beautiful sight to be seen, especially at nightfall as its landscape is illuminated by a world record-breaking 20,000 pink LED lights that line over 2,000 small rice paddies. The vibrant pop of color against the natural, fertile earth offers a sharp contrast that echoes the beauty of the sunlit land at night.

The LED lights that line the paddies are not only an attractive addition to the environment, but also a means to draw attention to these historically rich agricultural lands that date back to the Edo Period. Located on the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture, the rice paddies sit on a stairway-like slope against the Japan Sea. As such, the land must be hand cultivated and has been for centuries. The incorporation of the artistic technology allows the area to gain recognition for its environmental significance.

As of last year, Shiroyone Senmaida has also been registered to the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), making its unique importance in the agricultural and environmental world far more evident. It is, after all, a sustainable environment that houses varied species of life, including endangered ones.

via [Daily Mail]

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