Shoe Store Design by Visiondivision

Visiondivision has designed the interior of three “Mangrolia Chaussures” shoe stores situated on Reunion Island. The design is based around a plexiglas shoebox. The see through shoe boxes are cleverly used as flooring, wall, sculpture, showcase and more. The images will give you a clear view of the idea behind this project.For the flagship store the boxes are arranged in way that resembles a river flowing from one room to another. Some boxes will contain shoes that are legendary. Like a shoe that has been worn by a famous person for example. This way the boxes will create a museum like exhibit.

The shoes will lead in the overall character and ambiance of the interior in the second store. As the shoe collection changes, the overall theme changes.

In the third store, the boxes will be used as part of the furniture so to speak. One of the units composed of the shoe boxes will be one which you can sit on when you're trying on a new pair of shoes.

It all originated from the simple idea of a see through shoebox…

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