Beautiful Deer Silhouettes Set within Misty Landscapes

Like a hunter lurking in the forest, London-based photographer Sirli Raitma sat ready and waiting for the deer to emerge. When she spotted them, the self-taught photographer magically documented the peaceful creatures through her camera lens. The hauntingly beautiful compositions feature misty landscapes and strikingly powerful silhouettes of deer within Richmond Park, a natural reserve and one of London's largest Royal Parks.

By maintaining a comfortable distance, it seems that Raitma was able to photograph the animals as they go about their daily lives and, as a result of incredible patience, she was able to create photographs that exude the serene hush of nature. The soft fog and a natural palette of browns and greens convey elegant landscapes in which the mix of branches, trees, and antlers blur together into visually complex compositions.

Sirli Raitma's website
via [Illusion]

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