People Blend Themselves in with Vinyl Records (Part 3)

After introducing the phenomenon known as Sleeveface in 2008 and sharing the best ones of 2011, now we’re back for round 3 with some of our recent favorites. Sleeveface is described as “one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion.” The funny phenomenon is immensely popular, inspiring many people to try their hand at it in an effort to produce the most convincing visual possible.

The best part about Sleeveface is seeing how creative people get with this project. Besides choosing the basics of which album cover to use, what clothes to wear, and how to position your body, there are an endless number of creative possibilities to make your image really stand out. Many people incorporate props, use multiple albums covers, or even flash some skin to try to create the funniest and most seamless picture they can. The result is a terrific, ongoing project that allows anyone to adopt different identities, play with optical illusions, and unleash their creativity.

Top photo credit: Marcio Reverbcity, Above: Victor Cabezas

Photo credit: Elien and John Copermans

Photo credit: Les Johnson

Photo credit: Christoph Schtt

Photo credit: Craig and Pete

Photo credit: Joe Hammond

Photo credit: Christophe Gowans

Photo credit: Tony Gilbert

Photo credit: Tunde Klmn / csalmassy

Photo credit: Duane Perera

Photo credit: Elien and John Copersman

Photo credit: Pat Pvoa

Sleeveface website
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January 17, 2017

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