Solar System Necklace Is a Beautifully Subtle Way to Celebrate the Universe

The universe holds the key to our very existence, and its wondrous beauty is a constant source of inspiration in our everyday lives. ThinkGeek celebrates the continual influence of the cosmos with their Solar Orbit Necklace, an exquisite piece of jewelry that offers an expansive look at our universe. The science-loving accessory features semi-precious stones—such as jade, turquoise, and agate—that represent the Sun, all of the planets, our Moon, and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The brass plated, 21-inch necklace is a subtle way to showcase your love of the universe. For those privy to the planets, they’ll understand the meaning behind your playful accessory. Those who aren’t aware of its symbolism, however, can still appreciate the beautiful colors and layered style.

The Solar Orbit Necklace is currently available on the ThinkGeek website.

ThinkGeek: Website | Facebook
via [Laughing Squid]

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