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Spectacular Australian Star Trails

Great things take time and patience but are usually well worth the wait. This is evident in Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison's photographs of star trails in the Australian night sky. These long-exposure shots were taken over the course of 15 hours! Not only did these shots require a lot of patience but they also required a great deal of stamina.

In order to take these shots, Harrison had to withstand Australia's cold winter night near Bendigo over Lake Eppalock. Harrison describes his experience saying, “It was a grueling night with a total shooting time was 15 hours in freezing conditions, sunset to sunrise.”

The combination of the beautiful scenery and the stunning star trails make these photographs absolutely breathtaking. The colors of the star trails are out of this world, literally! And these are colors that we do not normally notice in stars. We only see them in these photos because of the beautiful trails created by the earth's rotation, making it seem as though the stars are in motion.

Harrison's photo set truly brings out the beauty in the Australian night sky. I can't wait for more long-exposure star trail shots like these, but for now I'll just stare at these photos in awe…

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Lincoln Harrison's Website
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