Moving Reflective Eyeball Sculpture

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you? This incredible stainless steel eyeball sculpture by Moscow-based architecture firm SPeeCH Tchoban & Kuznetsov is capable of “looking” at all of its the visitors in its environment at the Cortile d'Onore of the Ca' Granda’s courtyard. The high-tech sculpture, called Architect’s Eye, is a smooth and reflective spherical structure emulating the human eyeball as its focus shifts from the sky to the ground to the rest of its surrounding area, with the pupils effectively dilating and contracting. The iris of the eye also has the mesmerizing ability to change color.

This visually inspired piece by Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov’s architecture studio represents “legacy” as part of this year’s Interni Legacy event at Milan Design Week by incorporating abandoned Russian monuments within the sculptural installation. In addition, the sphere’s reflective surface serves as an excellent deforming device for the 18th-century courtyard that the piece is situated in and surrounded by. The sculpture is ultimately meant to symbolize an architect’s most valuable organs (eyes) and the ability to discern visual designs throughout history and all walks of life around us.

SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov website
via [Interni Magazine, CollabCubed]

January 18, 2017

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