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For a beautiful and yet professional looking website, these days artists and photographers are flocking to Squarespace. In 2012, the New York-based company’s website tool was named one of Time’s 50 Best Websites because of the effortless way it lets users create “beautiful, image-rich websites with a minimum of technical expertise.”

Since 2004, creatives from all over the world have been using Squarespace including those we’ve featured right here on My Modern Met. Photographer Paul Nicklen, who’s produced 15 stories for National Geographic, uses Squarespace to show off his amazing gallery of wildlife images, while artist Dana Tanamachi finds Squarespace to be the perfect place to display her elaborate chalk creations.

Paul Nicklen’s website

Tanamachi Studio website

In fact, millions of websites have now been created using Squarespace’s services!

Tour the Squarespace site to see all of their modern templates that will make your images or artwork stand out. Find one that suits your needs and then customize it by adding and arranging your content (simply drag and drop). There’s no programming required! If you have questions, Squarespace even has 24/7 award-winning customer care that will help you out. Other snazzy features include Lightbox Presentation which allows for stunning, full-browser-size imagery and Gallery Blocks which offers hundreds of ways you can present your images – be it slideshow, grid layout and more.

If you want to show prospective clients your photo gallery on the go, Squarespace even offers a free companion app that synchronizes with all of the galleries on your website. Best part? Squarespace’s interface is elegant and intuitive, making it easy to use. For those who love design, there’s no better website builder than Squarespace.

Now, here are some of our favorite Squarespace templates specifically created with artists and photographers in mind. Notice how these all look so clean and uncluttered. 


Atelier is a clean portfolio template that puts the visitor’s focus squarely on your work. Atelier is popular with artists, designer and businesses that need to present their work with compelling imagery.

Avenue is a modern portfolio with clean, straight lines and an adaptive grid-based layout. Avenue is especially popular with photographers and designers.

Wexley’s gallery layouts adapt to both your images and your visitor’s screen width, ensuring your work always looks its best. Wexley is highly prized by artists, creative professionals, and any business that needs to present their work through pictures.

Frontrow is a bold portfolio template, featuring full-bleed images for maximum impact. Frontrow is especially popular with photographers and luxury businesses.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial. Plans start at $8 per month and go up to $16 per month for the professional package and $24 per month for the business one.

Squarespace website

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