Secluded Tiny Cabin on Skis Offers Incredible Views of Dolomite Mountains

Enjoying nature's beauty is one of the most simple pleasures in life, so sleeping under the stars needn't be overly complicated. The Starlight Room, located near Cortina, Italy at an altitude of 6,742 feet (2,055 meters) is an unforgettable accommodation–it's a single cabin on skis that's perfect for a night in the Dolomite mountain range.

The small structure was crafted by local artisans who encased much of it in glass–even the ceiling. Inside, it has just the necessities, including a heater and an adjustable bed, which allows you to sit up and take in the incredible nighttime views. Complimentary dinner and breakfast are also provided as part of your stay.

Getting to the Starlight Room is no small feat–it can only be reached via snowmobile or snowshoe. For adventure-loving travelers, however, it's a small price to pay for the experience of a lifetime.

Starlight Room: Website
via [Contemporist]

Photography by Giacomo Pompanin.

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