Miniature Lightbulb People Seek Life from Power Outlets

Brooklyn-based sculptor Stephen Shaheen created these mixed media installations to reflect little human bodies with lightbulbs as heads. The trio of sculptures, struggling to connect themselves to power in order to illuminate their recycled bulb heads, is an Untitled series. One of the human forms, with hand extended, successfully reaches the outlet and provides energy to a fellow sculpture, which is connected via plug that runs from one belly button to the other’s lower back.

Separately, a single sculpture located in the same vicinity has plug in hand and no electric outlet in sight. This solitary piece is cleverly entitled Headlight. Each figure measures 24 inches and according to his bio, Shaheen’s work “spans both manual and digital processes, and employs materials as diverse as repurposed found objects, marble, and recycled denim fiber.” Though currently living in New York, the artist has worked and trained extensively in Italy and his indoor and outdoor installations are in various collections in both Europe and the United States.

Stephen Shaheen’s website
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December 2, 2016

3-Year-Old Boy Forms Adorable Friendship With Foster Family’s Dog

If you ever need proof that dog is man’s best friend, look no further than Instagram. The social media site has no shortage of picture-perfect pups, as many doting dog owners share snapshots of life with their four-legged friends. While some go on adventures together and others dress alike, Reagan the labradoodle and “Little Buddy”—his family’s foster child—do both. Reagan was adopted by Oregon resident Sandi Swiridoff when he was just 11 months old.

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December 1, 2016

Photographer Captures Cozy Portraits of Her Cats by the Window Whenever It Rains

Photographer Felicity Berkleef was onto something when she first captured her cat sitting at a dreary window. Late last year, she snapped a sweet picture of the furry friend looking at the world while wrapped in a blanket. A couple of months ago, the other cat joined in and Berkleef tried to repeat success with another cloak. It worked! And according to the 21-year-old: “They didn’t mind.

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