Strangest Jewelry You’ll See Today (8 pics)

We thought we’d seen it all, when it came to jewelry, until we came across these strange pieces by Imme van der Haak. Using gold plated brass, he distorts his models faces, making us think twice about how and where jewelry should be worn.

Just why does he do this? As Imme states, “In my work I try to discuss in a playful way the ideas which seem obvious about what is ‘normal’. In my photographs and films I transform the human body by using materials which lace up parts of the body, change the silhouette or influence in a different way the form of the body. It is all about changing forms and transformations, although it is not my intention to shock, but to reveal the idea that every form has its own beauty. In this way I comment in an expressive way on the current ideas about beauty.”

Imme van der Haak
via Today and Tomorrow

January 14, 2017

Portraits of Legendary Musicians Painted on Vinyl Records

For years, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen has created show-stopping works of vinyl art. Inventively using records as his canvas, Edlen has redefined “album art” with his painted portraits of iconic singers and beloved bands. To create each masterpiece, Edlen applies acrylic paint directly onto the record’s vinyl. Stark, black-and-white tones enable each singer’s portrait to dramatically pop from its black background, and delicate, dappled brushstrokes reminiscent of pointillism emphasize the surface’s unique contours.

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January 13, 2017

World’s Largest Vertical Maze Illuminated With Thousands of LED Lights

Dubai is known for its outrageous architecture, but this is something we haven’t seen before. Completed in 2011, the Rostamani Maze Tower is the first of its kind. Not only is the multifunctional building the world’s first, but also the world’s tallest vertical maze, according to Guinness. The 56-floor skyscraper towers 689 feet above the city, with both residential and office floors.

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