Studio Visit With Audrey Kawasaki (6 photos)

Audrey Kawasaki is arguably the best modern-day pop artist of this generation. Andrew Hosner, co-owner and director of one of L.A.'s most prominent modern art galleries, Thinkspace Gallery, had the pleasure of swinging by Audrey's home to take a look at the works for her upcoming debut NYC solo show, Hajimari – A Prelude, set to take place at Jonathan LeVine Gallery this December.

“Audrey has already completed 15 beautiful new works for the show and will also be completing some drawings and smaller works in time for the show,” said Hosner. “The new works are by far her strongest yet and really build on the narrative and feature some new elements which are sure to be a big hit with her loyal and ever-growing following.”

Alice with Audrey at her show at Thinkspace Gallery last year.
via juxtapoz

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