Stunning Human Anatomy Self Portrait

Taking this self-portrait as part of her ongoing 365 Days series, Diana E. Eastman gives us a lesson on human anatomy by using her own body as a guide. The magnificent shot is enittled Dissection of it All.

As for how she applied the anatomy sketch on her back, Diana states on her blog, “I've seen quite a few people discussing whether or not this tattoo is real. I've also seen some old friends trying to catch a glimpse of my back just to check. And while part of me wishes I did have something so beautiful on the skin on my back (although something that beautiful is definitely under it), I don't think I could have a tattoo that wasn't deeply meaningful to me. That's just personal preference, I think a lot of tattoos are beautiful works of art.

“Anyway, I though I'd post a before and after of this photo today so everyone could see!”

We got in contact with Diana to get more specific details about how she created the image. “What looks like a tattoo on my back is really a drawing from the original Gray’s Anatomy,” she explains. “I was browsing through some of the original pictures, and thought it would be so interesting if people could see the beauty of our insides on our outsides! So I took the drawing and used Photoshop to overlay the picture onto a picture of my back.”

Diana E. Eastman’s website, blog

January 23, 2017

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