Sweet Stunner – Jamie Nelson (7 photos)

There’s something about the way New York based fashion photographer Jamie Nelson positions her models that make each photo look absolutely stunning. She’s also able to capture such raw emotion in their faces, making us feel as though we’re voyeurs in her photographic journey.

“I guess my eye just isn't attracted to modern trends quite as much so the imagery always tend to revert to classic compositions and aesthetics. I suppose in the end that's what defines one's style or eye,” says Nelson

Jamie Nelson
via Ben Travato

January 21, 2017

Fluttering Paper Birds Intricately Cut From Old Maps and Atlases

With vintage maps and aged atlases as her guides, London-based artist Claire Brewster crafts airy and ethereal avian cut-outs. Her colorful collection of paper birds play with negative space and silhouettes to illustrate the elegant aesthetic of birds in flight. Each figure features intricately carved feathers that appear to delicately flutter. With extended wings and alternating positions, the birds demonstrate the unique gestures of flying birds.

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January 20, 2017

Quirky Knit Gloves Reveal Unexpected Images When Placed Together

Istanbul-based Etsy shop Talking Gloves creates quirky knits with a picture-perfect twist. When placed side-by-side, the palms of each pair of cute gloves unexpectedly forms a single picture, putting a cozy and contemporary spin on the age-old diptych. Each pair of crafty gloves features two stitched designs: one on the left glove, and one on the right.

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