Intricate Miniature Tape, Thread, and Toothbrush Sculptures

Japanese visual artist Takahiro Iwasaki manipulates common objects, transforming them into intricately designed sculptures. From carving into rolls of tape and carefully assembling the loose threads from towels and socks to architecturally constructing the bristles from toothbrushes, Iwasaki repurposes ordinary objects into extraordinary landscapes and tiny monuments in his Out of Disorder series.

Each miniature creation by the Hiroshima-based artist is meticulously put together, awakening the viewer's senses to the many opportunities there are for art to emerge around us. Additionally, Iwasaki exposes the visual strength of materials we often presume as fragile and flimsy like thread. His work surprises audiences with the sturdiness of string by mimicking far more powerful constructs like imposingly monstrous cranes and electrical towers.

Images via [C24 Gallery, Cornerhouse,, Karl Steel, artsplastiquesbeauregard, Cafe Art Info]
via [Colossal]

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