Digital Installation Transforms Restaurant into Immersive Dining Experience

teamlab digital installation

Known for their digital interactive installations, teamLab‘s newest piece enhances the dining experience of guests at Tokyo's Sagaya restaurant. The exclusive eatery allows just eight customers a day, who will now immerse themselves in an interactive dining experience. The multi-sensory event draws on taste, smell, and the beauty of Japan as an ever-changing table bounces with imagery created especially for each course.

The walls and table fill with teamLab's digital images, created to immerse each diner in a unique world. Titled Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting, the collective explains that “when a dish is placed on the table, the scenic world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. For example, a bird painted on a ceramic dish is released from the dish and can perch on the branch of a tree that has been unleashed from a different dish.”

In this manner, dimensions meld together, creating a hypnotic display. And while interactive restaurants aren't new, teamLab's contribution elevates the art form to a new level.

Hosting just eight lucky diners a night, Sagaya is an interactive restaurant that plays on the senses.

interactive dining table interactive dining table teamlab digital installation

Art collective teamLab has created digital images that engage with the surroundings, including the ceramic plates.

teamlab sagaya interactive restaurants teamlab sagaya interactive restaurants teamlab sagaya interactive restaurants teamlab sagaya interactive restaurants teamlab digital installation teamlab sagaya interactive restaurants

Interactive restaurants aren't new, but watch how this unique experience unfolds, elevating Sagaya to a new level.

teamLab: Website | Facebook
Sagaya: Website
h/t: [Designboom, Moss and Fog]

All images via teamLab.

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