Festive Holiday Lights Decorate Madrid’s City Streets

Every year, Madrid's city council commissions an artist to decorate the streets with festive holiday lighting. This year, Italian artist Teresa Sapey's architect and design firm was selected to dazzle shoppers with a cheery concept along Serrano Street, a high-end area with very little decor. Madrid-based Sapey decided to use colorful, geometric patterns to decorate the area. Circular patterns of energy efficient LED lights twinkle overhead as drivers and shoppers pass by underneath.

Using every imaginable color, the artist created an impressive display that can be viewed from every angle. The circles are arranged in rows strung across the road and each one is filled with unique patterns. Since 1990, Sapey's firm has blended creativity, functionalism, art, and design into a space, often inspired by light. Sapey says, “It is to move emotions that I work with spaces. I'd go for provoking just about any kind of feeling, no matter what it is (whether like or dislike, I do not really care). From my personal point of view, architecture should provide a varied range of sentiments to be considered both inspiring and useful.”

Teresa Sapey's website
via [Inhabitat]

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