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The Butterfly Effect (12 pics)

Bruno Dayan

Butterflies can play a beautiful role in fashion photography. They inject life and color into an image, and can be barely noticeable, or take over a whole scene.The butterfly effect is a term used in Chaos Theory to describe how tiny variations can affect giant systems, and complex systems, like weather patterns. The term butterfly effect was applied in Chaos Theory to suggest that the wing movements of a butterfly might have significant repercussions on wind strength and movements throughout the weather systems of the world, and theoretically, could cause tornadoes halfway around the world.Collected here are some of my favorite fashion photos that have been subjected to the butterfly effect.

Craig McDean

Leda & St. Jacques

Craig McDean

Craig McDean

Tim Walker

Luly Yang

Miles Aldridge

Luly Yang

Henrique Gendre

Sarah Moon

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