The Craziest of Creatures – Imaginism (10 total)

Beam me up Scotty

Set your imagination free and you’ll be able to enjoy Imaginism’s weird and wacky world. Made up of a talented team of artists which include Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Stephen Silver, Jason Seiler, Thierry Lafontaine, and Peter Chan, Imaginism dreams up characters and creatures we never knew existed. Whether they’re secretly lurking around in the deep jungle or clearly sitting right next to us in the movie theater, these creatures aren’t concerned about our well-being. But perhaps, we should be concerned about theirs!

“I always enjoy the challenge of creating a character from scratch because the possibilities are endless, it’s hard to commit to a starting point! I came up with this little creature just doodling different elements. It’s a great creative exercise and helps you think about objects and forms in pieces so you can put different parts from different things together to create something new.” – Bobby Chiu

Carrot Run

Hello Kitty Painting: Impostor

The First Line of Defense

Midnight Swim

Sea Life

All Dolled Up

Twins – Totoro Forest Project

Big Bad Bunny Eater

Half Minute Horrors

Imaginism Studios is made up of independent artists specializing in publishing, television, and movie pre-production.

January 19, 2017

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