The Largest Invention Factory in America

Talk about a creative workspace! Inventionland, America's largest invention factory, brings 2,000 ideas to life each year. Just how does the company do it? Look inside their offices and you'll find a huge hint.

Founder and CEO George Davison built a 70,000 square-foot wonderland to inspire and delight his employees. Walk around and you'll experience 16 unique themed sets, including a shipwrecked pirate ship, cave, giant robot, and a castle complete with turrets and a drawbridge. The Disneyland-esque space includes three running waterfalls, and life-like trees with butterflies and chirping birds. In the rear of Inventionland is a red carpet that leads to a state-of-the art audio, video, and animation studio complete with a sound room and one of the largest green screens in the tri-state area.

Who wouldn't want to work here?

Inventionland website
via [Toxel], [CrackTwo]

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