The Modern Day Magic Marker

This is one of those concept products that you hope gets produced and then taken to market. The Color Picker by Jinsun Park is a pen that can scan colors from anything around and then instantly gives you the color you wanted.

How does it work?

“After placing the pen against an object, the user just presses the scan button. The color is being detected by the color sensor and the RGB cartridge of the pen mixes the required inks to create the target color. This superb device will help people observe the changing colors of nature. With color picker, all range of artists will be able to create a more sensorial and visual insight of their surrounding nature's colors.”

A pen that gives you the exact color you want? Now that's what I call a “magic marker.” (Cheesy, I know but I had to do it.)
Now if only they could include smells….how ingenious would that be…

{Via MocoLoco}

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