The NY Apartment That’s Stylish and Chic – Thomas Britt

I was looking through my October ’09 issue of Architectural Digest when I came upon this first picture. A vision in turquoise blue, this living room screams stylish and chic, bold and daring. Though I’m a big fan of minimalism, I’m more interested in finding interesting houses where you’re curious about the story behind it.

Thomas Britt is a venerable American designer who helped dream up this house. The 2,700 square-foot apartment is filled with interesting details like the leopard print chairs and ornate hanging lamps that make the living room interesting. Or the silver-and-white, finely patterned wallcovering in the bedroom that’s so pretty in and of itself, you hardly need anything else in the room.

Isn’t this new modern luxury at its finest?

What do you think about it?

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