The Prettiest Headphones are by Vestalife (4 pics)

Sure those white Apple earphones are minimalistic but, ladies, what if you want to show off some style? What are our choices? Enter Vestalife. Created by four intelligent and driven ladies, these headphones look more like fashion accessories than headphones. Soft-touch earbuds with flexible fixtures, and colored, fabric-covered wires all lend themselves to creating headphones that don’t look boring or too teeny bopper. Could this finally be the upscale design us modern ladies have been waiting for?

Pi, the first concept, uses wide fabric-covered color “headbands” which can be swapped out to match your outfit. Splendid!

Bumblebee is the earbud version of the Pi, that’s sweet, simple and colorful.

Scarab has a sculpted pinch-grip so you can take the headphones off by the earbud and not have to yank the cord.

Boa’s natural fabric chord looks hip yet chic.

The line debuts at CES and then you’ll see them displayed at your local Apple Store.

via Fast Company

January 24, 2017

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