Spooky Animated GIFs of Monsters and Their Victims

With the seasons quickly changing, it seems fall is upon us. What defines the brisk season better than Halloween? With the horror themed holiday fast-approaching, it seems fitting for a noir-themed countdown. Brothers Adam and Ben Toht are currently leading the charge by releasing a spooky new gif for The Saline Project’s Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims series each week until Halloween.

The set, which originally started when Adam posed as a werewolf for a black and white photo in an attempt to revive the Wolf Man in pop culture, features recognizable characters that often appear in classic horror films, like werewolves, the Loch Ness monster, and aliens. Additionally, there are horror-centric subjects like the cowering victims of said monsters and typical noir film characters like the femme fatale.

The Toht brothers are working with 3-D artist/designer Jesse Roff and animator Liam Kirtley to complete this animated gif project. When it’s finished in time for Halloween, there will be thirteen images in total that will be available as an art app.

If you like these gif monsters, you should check out Dain Fagerholm’s Stereographic Drawings.

The Saline Project website
via [Design You Trust, Wired]

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