The Secret Life of Stormtroopers

Time Paradox

We all know about the Stormtroopers’ day job. You’d probably be shocked, however, to see what they do during their time off…

Created by Stfan, Stormtroopers 365 is a photo project starring TK455 and TK479, Stormtroopers in the Galactic Empire Army.

“I’m using basic 12cm figures from Hasbro,” says Stfan. “I must say these figures really rock, because they have many articulations, allowing a lot of different positions and expressions. The figures I have are from the 30th Anniversary Collection (2007), but the Stormtroopers currently released by Hasbro in the Legacy collection have the same articulations.”

Welcome party – Stormtrooper Night Fever

D’oh! – Episode 2: The Rebels’ new weapon

D’oh! – Episode 4: The Hi-Hat

“By order of the Emperor, I cut off your internet” (aka Hadopi Wars)

Place bid!

Getting rid of swine flu

Hide-and-seek #3

On a second thought, could we swap roles?

Titanic: The Portrait Scene

Dark Lord of Kiwi Slicing

These are not the droids we are looking for

LucasFilms Sound engineers (the real stuff)

Credit Cut in Imperial Telecommunication

Darth Vader is watching you

This is the Pez Dispenser we are looking for

Chocolate Deposit

Imperial Fitness Program

Can you read this, Luke Skywalker?

Toilet Escort

The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Stormtroopers: “Armored shock troops of the Empire”

The biggest chicken nugget in the known universe

See you Space Cow-Boys

Make it shine

Fuzzball Suspects

Stormtroopers 365 website
Stfan’s flickr profile

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