The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers (15 Pics)

Play With Your Toys!

One of the best thing about Flickr is that you get to see how grown adults recreate the secret lives of toys. With a digital camera and an active imagination, Greg the Bunny buys toys, poses them and then displays and shoots them for all the world to enjoy. As he states, “Sure, most of the story takes place in my head and I just take a snapshot of one moment of the scene, but the whole thing is playing in my head. I like to think of my better work as “Imagination Incarnate.” If you have toys in your house. Find them. Play with them. Take pictures. Feel nine years old again for ten minutes. Then come back and tell me that isn’t the greatest feeling in the world.”

Clones. Thinkin’ ain’t their strong suit.

Little did they suspect the spy in their midst

When Stormies get bored…

The All-You-Can-Eat Waffle Bar was a short-lived idea…

Drinking on Duty

Same Thing Happens Every Saturday Night…

Cobra Commander, Motivational Speaker

Just another day on the Death Star

The Whiz – If you think aiming a rifle with your helmet on is hard…

Sexy Stormi

Behind the Scenes of the Death Star’s Favorite Show

Lounge Outtake

It’s just been one of those days… More Awesome Flickr Sets: The Raddest Toy Collection + Pictures Belong to Doc18 on Flickr D’Oh! Cute Baby Birdies With Personalities to Boot! (10 Pics) Monkey See, Monkey Do: Monkeyman Portraits Disneyworld Photos by Express Monorail (14 Pics) Back to theMET Homepage Registration is FREE! Join Now!

December 8, 2016

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December 8, 2016

Sculptural Dragon Ornaments Protect Colorful Baubles Like Their Own Eggs

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