Photos of Things Organized Neatly Provide a Soothing Feast for the Eyes

Things Organized Neatly is a perfectionist’s dream come true. Curated by Indiana designer Austin Radcliffe, the blog features images of various items meticulously organized in tidy rows. Arranged according to size, color, type, or plain aesthetics, the objects range from burnt matches to deconstructed gadgets to minuscule pieces of food.

Amidst all the chaos and clutter of everyday life, Things Organized Neatly stands out as a soothing haven for the neat freaks of the world. Gazing at the perfectly aligned displays is an oddly meditative experience, with each image providing some much-needed relief for those in need of some clean, orderly, visual satisfaction.

According to Radcliffe, neat collections of items are so aesthetically pleasing and a trend of contemporary design because of the deliberate nature of organizing. In an interview with Print Mag, he says, “I think that taking time and care to adjust and arrange objects shows a certain time dedication, and therefore implies importance on the objects. The person arranging the items is inherently exercising his or her aesthetic preferences. Even if the objects are arranged scientifically, by size for instance, a pattern reveals itself. So neatly organizing a subject will give visual interest, and even function to the viewer. Precision is beauty.”

Things Organized Neatly on Tumblr
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January 24, 2017

Delicate and Dreamy Pastel Tattoos Are a Whimsical Way to Adorn the Skin

Hong Kong-based artist Mini Lau designs and creates wonderfully whimsical pastel tattoos. Delicately drawn with fine lines and candy-colored ink, each tiny illustration adorns the skin in a subtle yet striking manner reminiscent of a storybook. Lau is one of the three artists that make up Hello Tattoo, a shop that specializes in a range of styles, from tribal tattoos to mandala-inspired pieces. Lau’s aesthetic is categorized as Korean, a genre renowned for its tiny tattoos featuring watercolor-like shading.

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January 23, 2017

Compassionate Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters to Keep Rescue Elephants Warm

Thanks to some compassionate craftspeople, the rescue elephants living at the Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India have been extra cozy during a recent bout of cold weather. In order to keep the pachyderms—who, prior to taking up residence at the sanctuary, tragically suffered neglect, abuse, and exploitation—happy and healthy, the villagers have dedicated their time to knitting colorful and colossal elephant sweaters.

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