This is what i am doing…

I foundet Modularfield back in 2006. Its a so called Netlabel. That means that we are spreading all our releases only via the internet. And special is that you can download all the releases for free. Thy are released under creative commons license. So its legal to download and spread the content. But that means not that its cheap music. We are designing for each release 4 Page Full Booklets and adding all informations into our relese Zip Files. Also we opened a Gallery for Creative Commons Photo Art. Beside that we are launched not far ago a new podcast with Live Set from servil electronic artis.

Just a example of one of our 20 releases. So Im jo are 2 guys from Australia. The music sounds like a modern Interpretation of some 80 Synthie Pop Songs. But thats only one Style reflecting a whole bunch of electronical genres. From Raw Techno to smooth Deep House up to Duby Electronic MusicHere is also one of our latest Live Set features. This live Set was Recordes at the Undergram Party at Unit Tokio. Everything is played live from Scott.Hope someone of you like what we are doing. And remember we are doing this not for comercial reason only for the love to the music!Greetings from Cologne City Germany//Markus

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