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I came across Cassandra's blog, Coco+Kelley, by chance one day and I immediately bookmarked it. It's not often you find a blog where you fall in love with someone's style; where you feel inspired to dress a little prettier or arrange your house in a new and unexpected way because of them. More than that, however, Cassandra has an uncanny knack of making you feel right at home. She answers comments and creates a lasting dialogue amongst her readers. I asked Cassandra a few questions about her blogging experience and what it's taught her both about people and herself. 1. How did you get into blogging? One of my best friends started constantly sending me links to blogs on home decor. I had never even heard of a blog and at first I thought they were the strangest things. I mean, who did these people think they were? Then I realized… hey, I could do this! Plus, I had stacks and stacks of resources I had pulled out of magazines and no good way to file them. I realized that blogging would help me create a searchable database of resources and goodies. (Nerdy, I know!) So, I started coco+kelley, and the rest is history! How long have you been doing it? My first blog post was in May 2007, so almost two years! Some days it feels longer, and some days I feel like I've just begun to really create my own space. 2. What have you learned from the experience? Oh, gosh. A million things. Blogland is truly its own universe. I've met so many people who I have come to love and respect (virtually and in person!). I find inspiration on a daily basis. Blogs create connections, grow ideas, and help us learn a little about ourselves, our passions, and our style. And don't even get me started on how much I love my readers. Some of them I hear from almost daily and I love it! It's such a fun and positive thing. 3. Has your style changed over the years? YES! It's funny because when I first started my blog, you could tell I was very influenced by the whole Hollywood Regency/Glamour look. Very Kelly Wearstler. Now I find that a bit predictable and cold. I've gone back to a mix of my Southern California Bohemian roots: a mix of clean lines and uncluttered spaces that are still filled with cultivated treasures that really mean something. And my fashion – well that changes on a daily basis. Right now I'm loving two things I never thought I would – tons of frills and flowers. As long as it's done right. I think it must be my craving for spring! 4. What makes your blog unique? That's a good question to pose to my readers, actually, because seeing it every day, I think I get a little jaded! My goal is to keep the content fresh. I try not to blog about the things that everyone else is already talking about (unless it's REALLY worth talking about!), to be myself, to follow my instinct for trends but also just post on little finds that I love. I try to focus on taking pieces of inspiration and turning them into something – like my Rooms from the Runway posts. Taking gorgeous designer clothing and creating an inspired room. It's my favorite! 5. What are your dreams for your career and your blog? I think I'm getting there, actually, which is a little scary! I've just started my own company ( where I consult on design for events, interiors, fashion and merchandising. Eventually I'd love to own a small shop to run everything out of – a mix of home decor and fashion of course! As for my blog goals, I just hope to continue to write inspiring and original posts and to connect with amazing people! what i love: what i do: So whether you want to be inspired to start your own blog or decorate your house, check out cocokelley.

Thanks for joining us here at theMET, Cassandra. Everyone, please welcome her!

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