China’s New 3D Interactive Art Gallery Exhibit

If you just can’t get enough of interactive art, you’ll want to be in Tianjin, China right now visiting the Shenyang art gallery. One of their current exhibits showcases a brand new collection of 3D paintings that ask you to be a part of the picture. Like we’ve seen before, at The Trick Eye Museum in Busan, South Korea or the 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition in Hangzhou, China, there’s nothing more fun than when a visitor get to be a part of a painting, showing off their acting skills in a dramatic fashion.

Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic even took this idea to the streets, when he put up this interactive piece in Malaysia. While two girls riding a real-life bicycle seems interesting enough, get the public involved, and now you have made something where creativity has no bounds.

Over 50 works of art are being displayed at the 3D gallery in Tianjin, China including an elephant spraying water on anyone who dares to come near and a hungry dinosaur looking for his latest lunch.

via [Daily Record]

January 23, 2017

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