Tiger Kicks

ROAR!!! It's the year of the tiger! And so I'm gonna kick it off with some Tiger Onitsuka kicks. Here it is…The latest collection of Asics made in collaboration with Tokidoki. (Okay actually the year of the tiger starts on Valentines day…but blegh that is too lame!)Tokidoki designs are heavily influenced by Japanese ones. The tokidoki tiger is a good way to combine so many factors. It's Japanese gone international. It uses the Tokidoki tiger figures to celebrate this year of the tiger. And it's bold, just like the tiger.It's really not easy to mix and match all the different materials with the different elements of the show and combine it with illustrated designs. I once tried to design my own shoe using different materials and such and although it looked decent, I know it only did because I played it somewhat safe. These designs aren't anywhere near safe.Notice all the details? The tip of the shoe is shiny and the colours are gradient. The bottom of the shoe is translucent and shows another design through it. There are so many things going on yet all the details make a cohesive shoe and collection.I also think it takes a person with a certain character and style to wear these shoes well. I say, don't wear these sneakers half-heartedly… Wear them with passion and conviction!

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