Rechargeable Lightweight Camper Equipped for Over a Week of Off-the-Grid Living

rechargeable camper trailer

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, the increasingly warm weather might have you dreaming of spring and summer vacations. For those that prefer to “rough it,” the Tigermoth camper trailer by TAXA Outdoors adds a stylish versatility to a nomadic way of life. Most notably, it’s a lightweight structure that clocks in at a dry weight of 900 pounds—allowing it to be towed by most 4×4 trucks and SUVs. And, it’s working even while you’re traveling; the tow vehicle connection recharges while the Tigermoth is in transit and effectively gives you enough power for over a week of off-the-grid living.

Despite its compact size, Tigermoth boasts a number of practical features that makes life on the road more comfortable. It has built-in LED lights, 12V power outlets, and running water. In addition, there’s a pull-out kitchen drawer that comes complete with a cutting board, bench top, and places for must-have cookware. Since storage is often a challenge in campers, Tigermoth also comes equipped with spaces that are within arm’s reach of the lofted bed.

When you’re among nature, you’re probably there for the views. Tigermoth has you covered with a large side-hatch that, above all, lets you enjoy the scenery—rain or shine. It's time to get packing!

Where would you go in the Tigermoth camper trailer?

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All images via TAXA Outdoors.

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