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A Modern Day Moonwalk

Originally from Taiwan, Ting Cheng is an artist now based in London. She has a tendency to baffle her viewers with work that is surprising and surreal. Cheng says she likes to, "Use the camera to create memories that might not otherwise exist, rather than record existing moments."

Inspired by the popular 1980's Michael Jackson move, the moon walk, Cheng takes the impossible and makes it a tangible reality. In Moonwalk, she creates a literal interpretation of the phrase by photographing a young girl on roller skates, pushing a mini-sized moon through streets and parks. Like in all of her work, Cheng creates charming moments that are appealing but ambiguous, providing her viewers with opportunities to let their imaginations run wild. Wouldn't it be fun to roll the moon around town!?

Ting Cheng's website
via [Juxtapoz]

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