Aww-Worthy Photos of Tiny Animals on Fingers

Tiny Animals on Fingers is a Flickr set curated by Specklet that delivers exactly what you’d expect–adorable pint-sized creatures resting on mere fingertips. While the diverse breeds of species differ in proportions and physical appearance, they share their tiny stature. These little guys featured in Specklet’s set (drawn from multiple sources) range from the width of half a human fingernail to no more than the size of an average hand.

Taken from a Flickr group by the same name, the collection of cute critters include anything from a baby sea turtle, chameleon, and squirrel to a full-grown butterfly. Just about every member of the animal kingdom is represented. Though you’re most likely to find photos of insects perched on a human finger, there are plenty of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds in the mix, tiny enough to make you go “Aww!”

Top photo: Simon King

Oliver Langan

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Christopher Wolfe



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Tiny Animals on Fingers on Flickr
via [Laughing Squid]

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